Sasha 2

Birthday:April 2003
Breed:DSH - Black & White

Sasha is a gorgeous short hair white and black cat, with one blue eye and one green eye! She was returned to us after eight years living as a solo cat (due to the adopter's fiancee being allergic to cats :( . She lives in a foster home with many cats, but she definitely is not friends with any of them and would probably be happiest if she were the only cat in the house. She lived for a short period of time with a dog, and is not keen on them either. She definitely would be a lovely companion to someone wanting only one cat. She loves to sit on your lap and cuddle.

Quick Facts

Breed: DSH - Black & WhiteBehavior: Sweet & loving
Purebred: NoGood with children:  No
Sex: FemaleGood with dogs:  No
Spayed/Neutered: YesGood with cats:  No
Color: Black & WhiteHas Special Needs: No
Age:  15 years, 7 months Additional information: Would do best as a solo cat.
Status: Available

Adoption Application:
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Contact Info:
Phone: (626) 676-7648

Adoption Info

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