April II

Birthday:November 2005
Breed:Domestic Long Hair

April was found on the streets, after just having had a litter of 8 kittens! She is GREAT with cats AND dogs (totally ignores the dogs!), loves to talk to you (her meow is like a high pitch chirp), LOVES to sleep with you, loves to give you attention and also loves to get it back from you (she'll push her head into your hand and loves to rub her face in yours when you are lying down!); likes to play with toys, is VERY friendly and will come right to you, talking to you, when she sees you coming into any room she is in. She's an all around "PERFECT" cat. We just hope someone will overlook that fact that she is just a black cat (most of the ones we know are the best cats EVER!). So instead of choosing a cat by their color, pick one by their personality, and you will have a match made in heaven!

Quick Facts

Breed: Domestic Long HairBehavior:
Purebred: NoGood with children:  Yes
Sex: FemaleGood with dogs:  Yes
Spayed/Neutered: YesGood with cats:  Yes
Color: Solid BlackHas Special Needs: No
Age:  12 years, 12 months Additional information:
Status: Available

Adoption Application:
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Contact Info:
Email: info@catposse.org
Phone: (626) 676-7648

Adoption Info

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