Birthday:March 2003

Aria was adopted out as a kitten in 2003. She was returned to us in January of this year (2007) due to a severe asthmatic condition in one of the family members and other personal circumstances that were making it difficult on the family. She was very much loved and it was heartbreaking on everyone to make the decision to relinquish her. She was then adopted out again to a woman who actually has Aria's sibling, Chachi. She had adopted him as an adult in 2005. When she found out that Aria was returned, she wanted to adopt her so they could be together once again. Only problem was her other cat, Natasha and Aria didn't hit it off very well. For some reason, the two of them just did not take well to each other, so after trying very hard for five months to make it work out, she decided to give Aria back to us. Aria has the most beautiful little voice! It's different than any other cat I have ever heard. She responds as soon as you say her name. She is extremely sweet and loving and would love to be in a home again where she is given the attention and love she deserves. Preferably with her being the only cat.

Quick Facts

Breed: Siamese/TabbyBehavior:
Purebred: NoGood with children:  Yes
Sex: FemaleGood with dogs:  No
Spayed/Neutered: YesGood with cats:  No
Color: Beige/brownHas Special Needs: No
Age:  15 years, 8 months Additional information: Aria is an absolute angel with people but is not good with cats AT ALL! She lives with one dog but probably would prefer to be the ONLY animal in the household.
Status: Available

Adoption Application:
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Contact Info:
Phone: (626) 676-7648

Adoption Info

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