Birthday:October 2004

Sponsored by:
Erin Moncure
Until: Dec 10, 2018

Meera was adopted by one of our volunteers when she was about two years old. She had a loving home until the woman got pregnant and became "allergic" to her during her pregnancy. We tried to convince her to keep Meera as she most likely would get over her allergy to her once she had the baby, but obviously having a baby AND a cat was way too much for her to handle. So poor Meera was returned to us and had to get used to living with numerous cats. She has gotten better with them, so it's possible she might be able to tolerate a single cat if she had to, but would prefer to be someone's "princess" and live the rest of her life with them and not thrown away like an old shoe again. And she deserves that!

Quick Facts

Breed: TortoiseshellBehavior: Big Talker!
Purebred: NoGood with children:  Unknown
Sex: FemaleGood with dogs:  Yes
Spayed/Neutered: YesGood with cats:  No
Color: Brown/Black/OrangeHas Special Needs: No
Age:  14 years, 1 month Additional information: She has lived with a "small" dog but not sure how she would do with a large one. She LOVES people!
Status: Available

Adoption Application:
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Contact Info:
Phone: (626) 676-7648

Adoption Info

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