Delilah & Olivia


We rescued Delilah (DOB 9/04) in Pasadena, where her former caretaker left her outside and a dog in the neighborhood attacked her so she had to have one of her front legs amputated. He brought her to the vet to have the surgery done on her, but didn’t even think (or maybe he did and chose not to?) to have her spayed at the same time, so she continued to have litter after litter on the streets (oh yes, he still left her outside after she had her leg removed!). We also rescued two of her litters at the same time. Olivia(DOB 8/06)is one of her daughters who is VERY attached to her mom and follows her EVERYWHERE. So we would like them to be adopted together. Delilah is an angel,and in spite of her bad experience with a dog she has come to love the dog she currently lives with. Delilah and Olivia both have been spayed, tested for feline leukemia and FIV (negative for both!), and are vaccinated, and micro-chipped.

Breed: DSH Tabby/ Tortico

  • Purebred: No

  • Sex: Females

  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes

  • Color: Tabby / Tortico

  • Birthday: September 2004

  • Status: Available

  • Behavior: Sweet, motherly

  • Good with children: unknown

  • Good with dogs: yes

  • Good with cats: yes

  • Special needs: no

  • Additional info:


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David Kuzak
Until: december 11, 2019