She and her sister Hannah made their way all the way from San Francisco on a truck carrying hay. Their Mom had hidden them safely, as she thought! When the driver unloaded the hay at Santa Anita racetrack, out popped the kittens and as they were so young they needed to be bottle fed. They both grew into lovely cats, totally besotted with human contact so if you’re searching for a needy companion, look no further! Breed: DSH Brown Tabby

Breed: DSH Brown Tabby

  • Purebred: No

  • Sex: Female

  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes

  • Color: Brown Tabby

  • Birthday: September 2004

  • Status: Available

  • Behavior: Affectionate

  • Good with children: yes

  • Good with dogs: yes

  • Good with cats: yes

  • Special needs: no

  • Additional info:


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