Oskar was a stray hanging around a Senior Apartment Complex. One woman was feeding him, but the landlord doesn't like cats, so she asked for our help. One of our volunteers took him in to be fixed, but since we didn't have a place for him to go, she had to return him to the woman. She tried to keep him on her patio, but her husband gave her an ultimatum that he had to go. So, she took him to the Humane Society. When we found out, we had to rescue him. Especially after finding out that he tested positive for FIV, and they won't adopt out FIV positive cats, so he would have been killed very quickly. He is the most loving and affectionate cat we have met in a long time. So very grateful that he is in a warm house now and getting fed regularly. He's a happy boy. He does have a "limp" in his back leg, and the vet said it was from an old trauma (probably was hit by a car) and there really wasn't anything that could be done about it. But he doesn't seem to mind. Just a happy, happy guy that needs a chance to have a real home.

Breed: DLH - Orange and White


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Erin Moncure
Until: Dec 10, 2018