A nice family who had previously adopted a kitten a cat from us contacted a Cat Posse volunteer to say a stray cat had shown up in their yard. They were feeding her and made her a house, but wanted to get her spayed. When the kitty was spayed it was evident that she had recently delivered kittens. The feeder's had seen no evidence of kittens and had not even thought that the kitty looked pregnant. We assumed that the kittens must have died. Two weeks following her surgery, the kitty now named Agatha brought three approximately 3-4 week old kittens to the porch of her feeders. We quickly retrapped Agatha and gathered the kittens. Over the next 4 weeks, Agatha was kept in a kitty condo as she continued to feed and care for her kittens; during this time she tamed and became very sweet and affectionate. The good news for Agatha is that these kind people adopted her and are making her an indoor kitty so she will be safe and cared for. Agatha seems very happy with her new lifestyle! Her kittens Whisper, Lucie, and Ranger are super sweet and friendly and are looking for their own forever home.

Breed: DSH Tabby

  • Purebred: No

  • Sex: Male

  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes

  • Color: Grey tabby

  • Birthday: May 2017

  • Status: Available

  • Behavior: Sweet and playful

  • Good with children: yes

  • Good with dogs: unknown

  • Good with cats: yes

  • Special needs: no

  • Additional info: