What You Need to Know

You love your cat or dog. You want to give him or her the best life possible. After all, they provide unconditional love and can be our best friend. Basically, you want your pet to live a happy and healthy life, right?  By having your pet spayed (female) or neutered (male), you will not only improve the health of your pet, but you will also strengthen the bond that you share.

How will my pet benefit from being spayed or neutered?

A neutered animal has little or no risk of certain kinds of cancer. Did you know by spaying a female before her first heat, you are protecting her nearly 100% from ever getting mammary (breast) cancer? That's certainly one of the kindest things that you can do for her! You are also completely eliminating the risk of ovarian or uterine cancer. The males will never get testicular cancer, and you will be ensuring the risk of prostate problems is lowered. So, you're helping them live a healthier life!

How does this benefit me?

Spaying or neutering will make your pet a better companion!

  • A female cat will no longer go into heat, and you will no longer endure the obnoxious yowling and pacing that occurs. Unwelcome visits by hordes of tomcats that mark your yard and further frustrate your cat will become a thing of the past.
  • A male cat will be less likely to spray that foul-smelling urine in your house. Because he won't be distracted by the neighborhood females in heat, he'll be more content staying inside, rather than getting out into the street-where he could get into fights or get hit by a car (which could lead to costly vet bills or even the death of your cat).
How does this benefit my community?

Did you know that millions of tax dollars are spent every year to care for lost, abandoned, and unwanted pets? In fact, it costs an average of $176 for shelters to handle each homeless animal. By spaying and neutering your pet, you will not be contributing to this financial burden. Nor will you be contributing to the homeless animals that roam the streets and potentially bite people, hurt animals, or even cause car crashes.

And most importantly, you will not be contributing to the already overwhelming problem of companion animal overpopulation. There are an estimated 4-6 million cats and dogs killed every year.There are too many animals and not enough homes.



Please do your part to help reduce the number of homeless animals killed each year by having your pet spayed or neutered!

Now that you've seen why it's such a good idea to spay/neuter your pets, here are a few affordable spay/neuter resources in the Los Angeles area.